Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pay to Play? or Video Mini-TWIT's coming!

No more free lunch...or anything else.
First the TWIT crew says that the inventors of Scrabble may take away the free Scrabulous that my college buddy plays on Facebook. I guess that's easier than just making a better version..or buying Scrabulous?!
Next, the TWIT gang says that Wikipedia's non-profit status may give way to some different paid version.?? I didn't totally understand. Mostly, I was just too busy wondering how it would work. First they restrict content to the point where even the East Meets West fans can't get information posted. Now they expect people to pay for what's essentially turning into censored content? How exactly is that different from Brittanica Online?
Last, but not least, I tried Pownce. It sucked. I don't know why I'm getting addicted to Twitter. But I do know that the tech gang isn't being picky. Pownce just doesn't work. I couldn't upload my photo. I didn't see content or groups or anything worth mentioning. It could get better. But will I still care?
Luckily, something good came of it-There's going to be a video version of TWIT!! It sounds like they've settled on the name Mini-TWIT. And the studio set-up sounds similar to what Pirillo uses now. I can't wait.....Maybe some things are still least until I can figure out the affiliate code that Leo mentioned he had with Amazon.

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