Monday, March 31, 2008

CNet-What Happened?

On the last episode of the Cranky Geeks, it was sad to see Roger and Annaliza as guests from different companies than Chief Crank John. Now I'm just glad they had the option--Media Bistro says that CNET let go of 120 staffers..:(

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Qik-Diggnation Does Amsterdam

So while waiting with the JasonNation for the stream to work, I found more video from the Diggnation guys

Qik-great once it's recorded-sucks when it's live
join if you have a Nokia-lurk and wait if you don't

Rev3 boys at Amsterdam:


sick, but still streaming

trying to get over ANOTHER cold and watching jason calacanis. not sure if I can share, but I'll try:

Monday, March 17, 2008

Marty's Bars, Sarah's Burritos, Leo's Bros

I wasn't sure what Rev 3's gazette was about-or why I should continue to fill up my ITunes podcast space...but I was so wrong!
Since I found out that Sarah Lane was the host, I figured I'd try it out. The first episode showed the building of HQ-kinda like a techie version of HGTV. She showed all the bars-and which was Marty's fave. They may have gentrified the neighborhood--but there were more bars than restaurants. So now, Marty's tag-line makes so much more sense. He literally passes a bar-and, therefore his core fan base-everytime he goes home from work. This may also explain how he went from the fresh-faced youth in his old high school yearbook (episode 3 of Internet Superstar) to the gatherer of the internet underworldlings on Internet Superstar and WebDrifter.
I'm trying to type and listen to the latest TWIT (136) at the same time. I suppose I'm not cool enough to care about the SXSW stuff. Of course, I'm not completely addicted to Twitter, yet. So, I don't qualify as a part of it from the point of view of all the Tech gang-save Roger Chang. And I didn't actually fly over there. So, I don't qualify as having experienced according to Roger. But, the explanation of Cnet, Yahoo, and Cnet's "competition" was interesting and insightful. And it's nice to hear more than 5 mins from Veronica. She guest hosts a lot-but it cools to have her in the same space as Patrick, Leo, and John at the same time. I think I've finally figured out the Mahalo site submission thing. For better or worse, I think it may be a much bigger obsession than Twitter.....carpal tunnel, here I come!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pay to Play? or Video Mini-TWIT's coming!

No more free lunch...or anything else.
First the TWIT crew says that the inventors of Scrabble may take away the free Scrabulous that my college buddy plays on Facebook. I guess that's easier than just making a better version..or buying Scrabulous?!
Next, the TWIT gang says that Wikipedia's non-profit status may give way to some different paid version.?? I didn't totally understand. Mostly, I was just too busy wondering how it would work. First they restrict content to the point where even the East Meets West fans can't get information posted. Now they expect people to pay for what's essentially turning into censored content? How exactly is that different from Brittanica Online?
Last, but not least, I tried Pownce. It sucked. I don't know why I'm getting addicted to Twitter. But I do know that the tech gang isn't being picky. Pownce just doesn't work. I couldn't upload my photo. I didn't see content or groups or anything worth mentioning. It could get better. But will I still care?
Luckily, something good came of it-There's going to be a video version of TWIT!! It sounds like they've settled on the name Mini-TWIT. And the studio set-up sounds similar to what Pirillo uses now. I can't wait.....Maybe some things are still least until I can figure out the affiliate code that Leo mentioned he had with Amazon.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

1 month later or We're all Cranky Geeks

While going through thousands of emails (I've decided not to be Leo and never check my inbox), I've been catching up on all the TechTV podcasts:

Somehow, everybody decided to take on the personality of John C. Dvorak and get cranky. The Cranky Geeks gang was so harsh on's policy of removing "offending" web sites, that John was able to sit back and relax. I could feel the Diggnation boys cringing. I just loved the irony of a company whose ads are risque to the point of cliche being accused of censorship....

TWIT 132 started with inside cattiness about how Veronica Belmont was poached from Molly Wood's BuzzOutLoud to Jason Calacanis's Mahalo Daily. The incestuousness just never ends?!?
I'm beginning to think that there are just 1,000 people who run the whole internet...and they're all personal friends (or sworn enemies).