Monday, January 28, 2008

Case of the Mondays

This evening has definitely been rough. Mondays aren't all bad. But none of my entertainment or infotainment seemed able to help. ( I knew I was in trouble when PBS's Jane Austen movie was crap.)
The Webb Alert was great. Of course, that also reminded me of how pitiful the ratings-obsessed, drawn-out network "news" usually is. When was the last time you wanted to compliment them on their tech coverage? Plus, Morgan mentioned Forbes and WSJ. I had to let Forbes go when the editorials seemed to veer towards a denial of global warming. And WSJ was awful long before Murdoch came on the scene.--Besides, my true love is FT.
Before I started missing Business 2.0, I decided to distract myself with East Meets West. But Roger and Tom were in a serious mood. Roger started talking about the kingmakers in the media. Then he quoted the line "You bring me the photographs and I'll provide the war." Of course that led to the most gruesome-and justified- villain murder in 007 history. Which reminded me of the fact that I don't get to see Pierce Brosnan as James Bond anymore.
Thank God for Geek Entertainment TV! I'm watching old episodes and saw the John C. Dvorak interview. He was cranky-I was cranky. He talked about journalism with optimism. He was standing in front of Yoda. He talked about the economy with pessimism...but, still.
I feel a lot better. Now I can watch the Stargate Atlantis episode that I missed over the weekend....hey, maybe it wasn't the Mondays after all! It was scifi withdrawal....That's another blog.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kevin Rose needs to go back to drinking

I'm not a drinker myself, but Kevin Rose is. And I think that Episode 134 was his withdrawal day.

In one episode, he managed to insult or laugh at:
The Sci Fi channel
a geeky fan
his ex-girlfriends

The only defense I can offer (aside from missing beer) is that he has a fetish for trashy clothes. All the shows he likes include scantily clad bad girls. His main advice to the lonely geekette-aside from getting geeky guys drunk (see-drinker's fantasy!) was that she should dress provocatively.
Ah well, they'll be drinking again soon.... And then, Marty's new show will be ready. Yeah!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Roger's Thumbs Down, etc.

Not that I ever was a fan of horror movies, but Roger Chang's review of Cloverleaf made me wonder why it was ever made. Of course IMDB shows Cloverleaf topping the Box Office.....Just one more sign of how deeply we're all suffering from the writer's strike I guess. We could all turn to ITunes, I guess. Brett Larson explained what their movie rental rules were on the January 21st episode of 1010Wins. Still, I still don't think I'd want to pay for a 30-day download. I guess I'm just a Netflix girl at heart.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Signs the Tech World is Ending

The Diggnation crew isn't drinking. Leo is so unexcited about CES that I thought he was the Cranky Geek. Clearly these must be signs of the end....Speaking of the end...Jessica is leaving Patrick's show which Patrick left DLTV for, leading to Roger leaving DLTV, too....The reviews for her new Digg Reel are terrible. But, I'll decide for myself. By the time I get through with TWIT and Mahalo Daily-I've broken down and subscribed to yet another podcast that my ancient iBook doesn't have space for-I may just be able to see Jessica's new show and get enough sleep to go to work tomorrow.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

EMW,DIGG,other acronyms I left out

I'm listening to East Meets West. It's lovely as always. I love listening to those 2 ramble intelligently about everything under the sun. Roger and Tom are why I'm hesitating to put Wikipedia links on this blog. If they have so many problems with the accuracy of entries, updates, etc.....I'll stay away for awhile.
Starting this blog with the links to everybody's site, I'm struck by how much the group has stuck together. Between ZiffDavis, Revision3, and Leo's planet of projects, you've got all but a few journalists and exceptions under a few umbrellas. In a way those 3 almost represent the 3 faces of tech--the brick and mortar money maker, the bright-eyed start-up of believers, and the independent veterans of tech. I like to think there's plenty of room for all of the above.