Monday, March 17, 2008

Marty's Bars, Sarah's Burritos, Leo's Bros

I wasn't sure what Rev 3's gazette was about-or why I should continue to fill up my ITunes podcast space...but I was so wrong!
Since I found out that Sarah Lane was the host, I figured I'd try it out. The first episode showed the building of HQ-kinda like a techie version of HGTV. She showed all the bars-and which was Marty's fave. They may have gentrified the neighborhood--but there were more bars than restaurants. So now, Marty's tag-line makes so much more sense. He literally passes a bar-and, therefore his core fan base-everytime he goes home from work. This may also explain how he went from the fresh-faced youth in his old high school yearbook (episode 3 of Internet Superstar) to the gatherer of the internet underworldlings on Internet Superstar and WebDrifter.
I'm trying to type and listen to the latest TWIT (136) at the same time. I suppose I'm not cool enough to care about the SXSW stuff. Of course, I'm not completely addicted to Twitter, yet. So, I don't qualify as a part of it from the point of view of all the Tech gang-save Roger Chang. And I didn't actually fly over there. So, I don't qualify as having experienced according to Roger. But, the explanation of Cnet, Yahoo, and Cnet's "competition" was interesting and insightful. And it's nice to hear more than 5 mins from Veronica. She guest hosts a lot-but it cools to have her in the same space as Patrick, Leo, and John at the same time. I think I've finally figured out the Mahalo site submission thing. For better or worse, I think it may be a much bigger obsession than Twitter.....carpal tunnel, here I come!

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