Saturday, March 15, 2008

1 month later or We're all Cranky Geeks

While going through thousands of emails (I've decided not to be Leo and never check my inbox), I've been catching up on all the TechTV podcasts:

Somehow, everybody decided to take on the personality of John C. Dvorak and get cranky. The Cranky Geeks gang was so harsh on's policy of removing "offending" web sites, that John was able to sit back and relax. I could feel the Diggnation boys cringing. I just loved the irony of a company whose ads are risque to the point of cliche being accused of censorship....

TWIT 132 started with inside cattiness about how Veronica Belmont was poached from Molly Wood's BuzzOutLoud to Jason Calacanis's Mahalo Daily. The incestuousness just never ends?!?
I'm beginning to think that there are just 1,000 people who run the whole internet...and they're all personal friends (or sworn enemies).

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