Sunday, January 20, 2008

EMW,DIGG,other acronyms I left out

I'm listening to East Meets West. It's lovely as always. I love listening to those 2 ramble intelligently about everything under the sun. Roger and Tom are why I'm hesitating to put Wikipedia links on this blog. If they have so many problems with the accuracy of entries, updates, etc.....I'll stay away for awhile.
Starting this blog with the links to everybody's site, I'm struck by how much the group has stuck together. Between ZiffDavis, Revision3, and Leo's planet of projects, you've got all but a few journalists and exceptions under a few umbrellas. In a way those 3 almost represent the 3 faces of tech--the brick and mortar money maker, the bright-eyed start-up of believers, and the independent veterans of tech. I like to think there's plenty of room for all of the above.

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