Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tech TV vs Photoshop TV

I've got a bit of a Photoshop TV habit. I'm obsessively working my way through all the past episodes. Tonight I noticed that there were some striking similarities between that gang and the old TechTV gang. Scott Kelby is Leo. He just is. I would love for someone to get them on a video podcast together just so I could see what happens. Dave Cross is both Patrick -with kilts replaced by Canadian shirts/jerseys-and Adam Sessler. Kinda like the Leo-Scott thing, I can't explain how Adam and Dave are the same guy. They just are. The jokes, the mannerisms. Matt Koslowski...I haven't decided, yet. Sometimes I could swear he's Marty with the self-deprecating humor. Other times he's the young Mr. Cool and I think Matt is just a Diggnation waiting to happen. After all, they had a drinking game episode, so it's just a matter of time.

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